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About the Course

We live in a nation where men being men is now a challenge. No where in the records of media has a man ever stated being at war with women, however this ideology was ignited during the late 60s into the 70s. Men were being torn town by the feminist movement. It was seen in Hollywood, television shows, the government got involved with social programs that targeted women to replace the man in the home, Music in the era of the 70's was the type of music that was not a great source for manhood, The music of that decade and the decade to follow taught men that they were less that women, to worship women, to treat women as if they were goddessess, and a man can't be a man without a woman. This has led to a serious misunderstanding of manhood and what God intended for men. Men today find it difficult to lead, because he hasn't been inspired by the word of God to lead, guide and produce a productive life. We can change this.

Your Instructor

Altheron Payne Sr.

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Altheron Payne Sr.
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