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A total package of information that is written to address the current problems facing marriages and families today. This books has illustrations and information to teach the reader how the changes in the family took place in America and why the changes happen. On the other hand it has basic biblical information in restoring the role of the father, the role of the mother, God's purpose for marriage, rearing children and spiritual content.  It is good for family, personal and church studies.  You will be enriched with this resource for healthy families and marriages. 

The Moral And Social War

This book is ideal for understanding the social and moral war going on in today's families. This book is a biography of the author's life as well as information pertaining to a troubled society without God's word.  Without the Wisdom of God's word to instruct mankind, we can't help but end up with unhealthy, dysfunctional homes.

Information, scriptures, and references are given in detail. This book as well as all Happynest Family Studies are good for family, personal and church studies.


This book is a fully illustrated book that is written for beginning families and established families.  It has discussions, ideas for directing the roles in the home.  It has an overwhelming resource for parenting. It has humor, it is narrated by Little Joe and Jayden his sister in all of the reference material.  The father and mother holds the discussions for the study. The Bible has been considered throughout this book for inspiration and the development of the family. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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